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Newnan Attorney Negotiates Effective Employment Law Contracts

Georgia lawyer represents employers and employees in workplace agreements

Most employment relationships are governed by an employment agreement or contract. It is important to have a contract that clearly establishes each party’s rights and responsibilities so that its terms won’t be subject to misinterpretation or dispute. Once a contract is signed, both the employer and employee must abide by it, so getting it right at the start is essential. At the Law Office of Patrick W. McKee, LLC, in Newnan, we have been representing employers and employees in Georgia in employment law matters since 1988. We understand the intricacies of employment agreements and how best to protect our clients’ interests.

Skillful drafting and review for a range of agreements

Our firm represents Georgia businesses and workers in some of the most common workplace agreements, addressing these issues:

  • Salary
  • Stock options and profit-sharing
  • Health and medical benefits
  • Sick and vacation leave
  • Grounds for termination
  • Nondisclosure restrictions
  • Severance packages
  • Noncompete limitations
  • Dispute resolution methods

Clients count on Patrick McKee to negotiate vigorously on their behalf and to draft agreements that withstand legal scrutiny. To protect your interests, it’s best not to sign an employment-related contract until we have reviewed it carefully.

Understanding severance agreements

A severance agreement is a contract often used by companies to outline the terms under which an employee leaves a job. Severance agreements may cover a range of provisions:

  • How and when severance payments will be paid
  • Salary, commissions or other compensation that is still owed
  • Additional benefits to be paid or provided
  • The nature of the employment termination
  • Nullification of any previous verbal or written agreement
  • Reinforcement of another separate agreement, such as a nondisclosure or noncompetition agreement
  • A no re-hire clause prohibiting the employee from applying for another job at the company

Severance agreements are unique to the company that provides them. While some language in the agreement may be standard, other terms may be crafted specifically for one type of employee or an individual employee. Patrick McKee helps employers and employees negotiate, draft and understand the ramifications of severance agreements so they do not have to litigate an issue in the future.

Understanding noncompete agreements

Noncompete agreements, also known as covenants not to compete, are designed to protect companies from employees leaving to work for competitors or starting competing businesses. These agreements can be used to make similar restrictions for a stated period of time after the employment relationship ends. Companies require employees to sign such agreements for several reasons: concern over the loss of trade secrets, new competition, and the loss of customers and suppliers to the new enterprise.

Under Georgia law, a noncompete agreement must meet three requirements:

  • Consideration — The employee must receive something of value in return for agreeing to the contract terms, such as employment or a raise.
  • Business interest — The agreement must protect an actual business interest, such as trade secrets or proprietary information.
  • Reasonable — The agreement must have a reasonable duration, geographic region and definition of noncompetitive activities.

Patrick W. McKee helps companies and workers agree on provisions that meet these requirements and will stand up to a court challenge.

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