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Many companies require new employees to sign a noncompete agreement at the time they begin work. The primary purpose of a noncompete agreement is to prevent the employee from harming the company’s business once their employment ends. However, courts might not uphold a restriction if they believe if exceeds what is permitted under Georgia law. If you seek counsel on the drafting, negotiation or enforcement of a noncompete agreement, the Law Office of Patrick W. McKee, LLC can help.

What does a noncompete agreement include?

Though companies usually tailor noncompete agreements to their own circumstances and needs, provisions are commonly intended to accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

  • Prevent the employee from starting a company that offers the same services and/or products
  • Prevent the employee from working for a competitor
  • Prevent the employee from recruiting former co-workers to join them at their new place of employment
  • Prevent the employee from developing competing services or products

Georgia courts will enforce noncompete agreements with certain types of employees if they conform with state law. Our firm offers sound guidance on Georgia’s consideration requirement and other elements that must be present in a valid noncompete agreement.

Business interests protected by noncompete agreements

Noncompete agreements can protect the following business interests:

  • Professional information
  • Confidential information
  • Trade secrets
  • Specialized training methods
  • Customer lists

Changes in the law have increased the ability of Georgia businesses to place limits on former workers. For example a lawful term can be applied, even if other parts of the overall agreement violate state law. Our firm can look at your particular situation and outline what options are available to you.

Geographic area and time limits for noncompete agreements

Many noncompete agreements will include a geographic area where the employee might be restricted from working for a competing company. Online commerce and other changes can make it difficult to pinpoint where an employee’s “territory” is located. We can evaluate the specific limitation to help determine if the boundary lines in your agreement are likely to be considered overbroad.

Determining a reasonable timeframe for restrictions can also be a challenge. Georgia law has loosened the roles regarding the duration of non-disclosure provisions, but it is always best to speak with a qualified attorney about your specific situation.

How a business law attorney can help

Attorney Patrick McKee is an experienced business law attorney who offers the following services to clients with the following concerns relating to noncompete agreements:

  • Drafting and review of noncompete agreement language
  • Advice on whether the proposed geographic location and timeframe would be enforced by a Georgia court
  • Development of clauses relating to individual employees
  • Representation in enforcement actions if a signed noncompete agreement is violated

Failing to understand the relevant law and the potential consequences of a noncompete agreement could be very costly. Attorney Patrick McKee can give you the legal advice you need to safeguard your interests.

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