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Newnan Employment Law Attorney Helps Georgia Employers and Employees Address Legal Issues

Highly Experienced Representation to Executive-Level Personnel

Legal issues affecting your career can take a toll on your work, your finances, and your personal life. To protect your career and move forward in a positive manner, these issues must be resolved quickly and effectively.

The complexities of employment law often require consultation with a highly skilled, experienced attorney with business savvy.  At the Law Office of Patrick W. McKee, LLC, our Newnan, Georgia, employment law attorney works to resolve your legal issues or business disputes quickly and effectively. With comprehensive representation and personalized guidance, Patrick McKee helps you pursue the resolutions needed to end your legal worries and get your career back on track.

A Proven Approach When Resolving a Wide Range of Employment Law Concerns

Since 1988, our Newnan employment law attorney has successfully represented Georgia-area employees and executives facing a wide range of legal concerns, including:

  • Employment contracts. Before signing an employment contract, it is important to fully understand the terms set forth in the document. An effective contract should address a wide range of factors relating to your employment, including your compensation, benefits package, and factors that may lead to termination. Rely on Patrick McKee to comb through every document before offering advice on document contents and whether or not you should sign them.
  • Contract disputes. Disagreements over the terms of employment contracts can quickly become problematic. In an effort to reduce the impact your dispute has on your career and relationship with your employer, the Law Office of Patrick W. McKee, LLC, will explore every legal strategy possible to find resolutions. Patrick McKee will stand with  you to resolve disputes relating to compensation, stock options, benefits package or any other employment contract dispute.
  • Severance agreements. Obtaining a favorable severance agreement that offers financial stability as you transition to a new role is essential to limiting the impact of your separation. You can trust Patrick McKee’s experience to favorably negotiate the many points of your severance agreement, including financial compensation, length of extended insurance coverage and more.
  • Executive compensation. Negotiating an executive compensation package can be challenging, and it is important to ensure that your compensation package is fair and viable to support your family and lifestyle. Patrick McKee leverages decades of negotiation experience to help you pursue the most favorable executive compensation package possible. From salary and stock options to paid time off, he will address every detail of your package to help you maximize your income and benefits.

Our Newnan employment lawyer pursues the best possible outcome for your specific legal needs.

Contact Our Newnan Employment Lawyer for Advice on Your Unique Legal Concerns

With more than 35 years of employment law experience, Patrick McKee stands highly skilled and confident to address even the most complex legal issues affecting your career.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your employment law concerns, call 470-400-1562 or contact us online today.